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Chemistry part-2 Chapter 1 - Chemistry and its Major Fields of Specilization - Part 1

S Block Elements
Test - 11

1. Alkali metals are highly electronegative elements.

2. Alkaline earth metals lose their two electrons to form dipositive ions M++.

3. Alkaline earth metals are quite unreactive elements

4. Chemically lime is Ca(OH)2.

5. Soils containing sufficient calcium are slightly acidic in nature.

6. A suspension of calcium hydroxide is called milk of lime.

7. Calcium carbide on hydrolysis produces acetaldehyde.

8. Anhydrous calcium sulphate is called �Dead Burnt�.

9. Addition of gypsum increases the setting time of cement.

10. Down call method produces 99.9% pure sodium.


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Few Words About Chemistry. Chemistry is a branch of science which talks about the matter, its composition, its properties and behavior. This word is totally made up of matter, as any thing you see around, whether its solid, gas or liquid is matter. So, chemistry is science of life of this universe. The importance of Chemistry is manifold, specially for the young scholars. Green education has made an endeavour, to present this subject in its easiest form for the students to study, understand and memorize it both for the exams and knowledge purposes.

Time management in the Entry test is as important as the test itself. Students will always be short of time to fill the bubbles, circle the true or false answer etc. How to manage your time and be able to complete your test in time correctly is a million dollar question. In this section we’ll try to give you the guidelines to focus on this most important aspect of this exam

Entry Test and Time management:

Keep in mind that during the test candidates have 150 minutes to attempt 220 MCQs. It means you have about 40 seconds for each MCQ. There would be 80 minutes for ECAT candidates to answer 100 MCQs, there by having about 48 seconds for each question. From here you can very easily calculate that how important it would be to focus on the time management during the test.

Time Management Tips


Division of Time:

            As calculated above, we have about 40 seconds for each MCQ, so basing on this time limit one must divide time for every subject depending upon the number of MCQs in every section. It may not be possible to follow this plan extremely strictly; however efforts must be made to follow it with a minor variation of few mins only. For example, if subject say English has 30 MCQs, so it merits about 20 mins, so keep in mind to devote 20 ± 2-3 mins only and don’t put much strain on the time share of other portions. So follow time management plan with a flexibility of few mins here and there only.

How to Save Time:

Lets see a simple example so you understand better

  1.  1. Answer of 1/19 will be;

A) 1.2              B) 0.9        C) 0.0931        D) 0.052

Option A and B are ruled out immediately as 19 is in the denominator and it is bigger than 10. So answer would be certainly 0.0—-. Then make it as 100/19 the first word on which 100 can be divided is 5. Stop here and your answer is 0.052 as third option has first word nine.

After a good practice to do it without writing anything you will be able to do it in 5 to 10s. And can develop a habit to solve complex calculations in seconds by finding simple correlations like this.
Moreover, do such practice mentally; it will develop your aptitude to solve even very complex calculations in seconds.

Consider Time Allotment to:

  1. Must give requisite time to understand complex questions during the first reading.
  2. You must be very careful while filling out the correct bubble as, if you fill out wrong; it is going to cost your score.
  3. Must not waste time in beautification during the filling out of bubbles.
  4. Though, the exam centre will have wall clock at a visible place, but you must have your own watch preferably a digital watch.
  5. Avoid being confused and remain relaxed and cool minded during the test.
  6. Always trust Allah, it’s the most important point for this test, because if HE has written you destiny as Doctor, then nobody can stop you from becoming. If it is other way round, nobody on this God’s Earth can make you Doctor even if you are selected by any mean.


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